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HON's Empower- Now Height Adjustable

Though HON’s Empower benching system of custom workspaces has been available for a while, the company recently upgraded the collection to include height adjustable surfaces. Now better than ever, Empower’s great design of user-friendly personal spaces within a benching system can now become even more ergonomic and productive due to the raising and lowering of individual work surfaces. Proven to increase health and concentration during the work day, the ability to customize the height of a desk positively influences the body’s working posture and is a huge improvement to quality of life while working. As was true before the upgrade, Empower is a great organizing solution for businesses both big and small, and Empower’s scalable qualities make it easier than ever to adapt to the changes within your office. Curious as to how Empower’s new height adjustability can improve your workspace? We look forward to hearing from you and designing something great together.


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