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River from Global

Global Furniture Group’s River series of modern lounge furniture is a fantastic option for a wide array of environments. From open plan offices to educational spaces, healthcare locations to commercial and public spaces, River’s vastness and flexibility is exceptional. Featuring many different combinations of rectangular and curvilinear interlocking designs, River’s comfortable and durable design can make a wonderful and functional addition to an interior environment. With a creative seating alternative to the standard chair or bench being the focus, River’s modular pieces come in many different shapes, sizes, finishes, and upholstery choices. The amount of customization possible within the collection is staggering- for example, River is available in three different back heights, with the option and positioning of power/USB capabilities, choices about ergonomically designed armrest positions, a wide spectrum of exciting table shapes, and so many more details too. River’s exciting footprints invite ideas, insight, and inspiration to the spaces they occupy- how can River help new experiences flow into your environment? We look forward to discovering and designing with you.


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