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Rockwell Unscripted Sofa

Knoll’s superbly designed Rockwell Unscripted furniture experience recently grew another member- the Rockwell Unscripted Sofa. A system as thoroughly complete as Rockwell Unscripted leaves little to be desired, but the addition of the sofa provides a further wholeness to the collection by allowing users “to sit back and survey the scene.” As usual, the attention to detail on the sofa is stunning- curved features and beautiful stitching amount to a visually pleasing piece of furniture, and the act of sitting within its generous dimensions and high-quality fabric takes the experience into new levels of sophistication. Available in a 6’ sofa as well as a 61” settee, the Rockwell Unscripted sofa is offered in a wide variety of the finest textiles and leathers, and split upholstery options are also possible. Beautiful wooden oak and ash leg choices further expand the range of customizable choices- the Rockwell Unscripted Sofa will surely bring good experiences to your environment.


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