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Winner of prestigious awards at the 2019 NeoCon Design Conference last week, OFS’ Obeya has a huge potential to transform your workplace through innovative design and great looking materials. Conceptually, Obeya “brings settings and people together, based on the human needs of privacy and belonging.” This is accomplished by Obeya’s rich wooden architectural partitions that define space within a larger environment. Obeya is quite versatile, and can be used to achieve many different purposes. From creating bungalow-style private offices, to aesthetically pleasing conference nooks- tiny private study zones to relaxing places to rest or have a snack- Obeya’s potential to separate zones within a room without solid, dividing walls is abundant and sophisticated. With a huge amount of customization present in terms of materials, finishes, dimensions, and more, Obeya is well deserving of the recognition it has already earned. We look forward to helping you experience this innovative new release from OFS.


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