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KFI Studio’s new Zoso Chair is a beautiful addition to their established line of impressive furnishings. Suitable just about anywhere, Zoso’s clean lines and contrasting materials make for a great seating experience in a variety of different spaces. Ideal for offices, conference rooms, waiting areas, home use, and more, Zoso’s charming aesthetic qualities are inviting, and the extremely comfortable design further adds to its appeal as an exceptional seating solution. The faux leather upper with the high-density molded foam interior cradles the user, and the swivel seat allows for an ergonomic performance wherever it is in use. The black powder-coated base provides an industrial feel, and the choice between Saddle, Toffee, or Greystone upholstery lends a warm spectrum of tones that easily harmonize with just about any environment. Zoso is a strong offering from KFI, and its timeless design can strengthen your space.


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