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Nano from IdeonDesign

“Modular Mixology” is how Ideon describes their new Nano Lounge Collection. Great for so many different environments, Nano is made up of four different sit-able shapes that fit together effortlessly to form unique seating solutions. Nano’s hexagon-based system makes the configuration possibilities just about endless- the diagonal design lines provide more personal space per area than traditional square and rectangle seating shapes, while maximizing the amount of seating space. Extremely practical without lacking in strong visual design, Nano’s triangle, trapezoid, diamond, and boomerang can also serve as stand alone pieces, and some shapes even come with tabletop options. Nano is available in many different colors and textiles, and the pieces have the option to be ganged together for semi-permanent arrangements as well. Great furniture design at use in your environment enhances the creative experience there, so what can Nano do to improve yours?


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