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Quorum Multiconference Tables

Group Lacasse’s Quorum Multiconference Collection is a suite of thoughtfully designed and adaptable tables that help satisfy a variety of purposes for many different kinds of environments. This modern collection is available in a large spectrum of sizes, shapes, and finishes, and ’redefines the word versatility’ due to the huge potential of the tables to adequately perform in lots of different settings. The variety of pieces within Quorum are not limited to just large or small conference rooms, but intended for use in cafeterias and lounges, training and waiting areas, and in many more spaces that can accommodate many people sharing a collaborative environment. Abundant options exist for colors and finishes, and lots of table base style options are present to ensure the most suitable leg style for your specific environment. Quorum tables are offered with power and data capabilities to ensure technological efficiency, and many of the modular pieces can be configured together for even more versatile usage. As with most Lacasse furniture, Quorum pairs wonderfully with other Lacasse components to provide continuity of your space’s aesthetic throughout the workplace. Another great collection from Group Lacasse- let’s discover the ways Quorum can improve your space together.


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