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Eventi Articulating Conference Tables

The always inventive and thoughtful Nevers Industries bring us something completely different- Eventi Articulating Tables. Eventi’s adaptable and unique design features several different models of transforming conference tables, whose innovative design allows for a solid conference table shape to be easily converted into presentation surfaces and into boardroom multimedia tables. The transformative design is made possible by one end of the table being fixed, while the ‘wings’ that join to make the table body spread out on rolling casters to provide the form of the other positions. The Eventi Tables are able be adaptive in this way due to Nevers’ selection of different sophisticated materials, including wood, metal, glass, and stone. Each part of the tables are made of different materials to better perform their duty as flexible components, and many varied material choices are possible to ensure the most suitable multipurpose table for your environment. Eventi are also equipped with all the technological capabilities needed to promote power/voice/data/ and audio visual needs for all different kinds of presentations. Doing more with the traditional conference table shape, Nevers’ Eventi Tables are a great way to diversify the feel of your workplace.


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