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Reff Profiles™

Knoll Office have demonstrated their design superiority time and time again for many decades, consistenlty raising the bar through their expert approach to furnishing. Now, more than 40 years since its initial designs came into being, Knoll Office brings us Reff Profiles- a complete furnishing solution that “rechristens the classic look for the modern workplace.” Reff Profiles offers some of the most thoughtful, beautifully realized furniture possible, designed to transform the office into an integrated system. Showing a masterful understanding of how to help people interact with their environment through furniture, Reff’s vast spectrum of components reach the entire workplace, enhancing private offices, administrative zones, and open plan set-ups all at once. The wide variety of materials and finishes present within Reff Profiles provide many design options, ensuring the most suitable personality for your business and it's consistent presence throughout your space. By relying heavily on the warmth and natural beauty of high-quality wood, Reff Profiles “infuse a feeling of hospitality into the workplace,” and the use of metal, glass, and other finishes provide textures that help unify and harmonize the collection. Imagine how it might feel to experience furniture with this level of professionalism in your office- and what it could do to improve your business altogether. We are here to help.


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