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Morpheo from Group Lacasse

Group Lacasse continues to strengthen their legacy of furniture solutions with Morpheo- a great collection of ergonomic products designed to fit your personal style in the workplace. Extremely adaptable and well suited for both open-style settings and private offices, Morpheo’s capability extends as a great solution for reception environments too. Described by Lacasse as ‘chameleon-like,’ Morpheo fits into your environment perfectly and is offered with many custom choices for finishes, worksurface thicknesses, storage options, and much more. Morpheo’s contemporary design allows for maximum versatility- classic office set-ups are made to feel more modern through the crisp and clean aesthetics operating within the collection. Lacasse’s signature ‘floating-top profile’ plays a role in this, offering spacious worksurfaces that help to provide personalized style without compromising functionality. With over two dozen finishes to choose from, many accent metal colors, and other available options to select such as Lacasse’s new FUZE edge laser edgebanding technology, Morpheo is a welcomed addition to their comprehensive roster of excellent furniture collections. We look forward to helping you bring this collection to your office, and we are available any time to help determine the most fitting Morpheo design for you.


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