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Calibrate Series Storage

Adequate storage capabilities are a constant need for any office style. No matter what kind of workspace you occupy, be it open-plan, private office, traditional cubicles, or any other format, having capable storage solutions make all the difference in maintaining an organized, tidy, and stylish environment. AIS’ Calibrate Series provides storage for all kinds of applications- this extremely versatile suite includes pedestals, lateral files, bookcases, wardrobes, lockers, credenzas, and many more pieces that can undoubtedly provide useful and aesthetically pleasing spacial solutions for all workspaces. Calibrate’s huge variety of finishes, laminates, paints, fabrics, and upholstery options ensure a harmonized, integrated feel with your existing office, and combining Calibrate products with other AIS collections furnishes an ordered, consistent look throughout your workspace. Functional, timeless, and durable- Calibrate can stylishly organize your office and we are pleased to assist in designing the right storage solutions for your needs.


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