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Native from JSI

Native is Jasper Group Brand’s newest collection and features many great looking pieces whose design is based on large, natural grained slabs of wood. Designed by QDesign, The Native Collection includes tables, lecterns, credenzas, and media walls that utilize minimalist design principles to create calming yet focused pieces. The integrated design of all Native pieces allow for a harmonized furniture experience- modern aesthetic qualities such as industrial-style metal legs are paired with beautiful woodgrains, resulting in easy-feeling spaces that communicate sophistication through clean lines. Many of Native’s pieces feature integrated, hidden technology- cord management, power and USB ports are conveniently hidden away as to not distract the eye. Many surfaces are offered with height-adjustable options, allowing for adaptable styles of working for the individual or the group. With so many great looking pieces to combine, Native has the ability to transform your workplace into something sleek and modern- we look forward to providing you with helpful design ideas and bringing the Native Collection to your office.


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