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Arold's Cube

Group Lacasse’s Arold label have revealed a fantastic series of sophisticated lounge furniture entitled Cube. Modular and flexible, the Cube Collection contains a wide array of comfortable lounge furniture pieces that can be combined in many different ways to achieve a custom, personalized layout that can suit just about any environment. Perfect for both private and public settings, the ottomans, chairs, and storage units within the Cube Collection are versatile enough to furnish anything from lobbies and lounges to cozy office spaces and home settings- the unified design allows for easy reconfiguration too. The collection is split between the Cube 200 and Cube 300 Collections, 200 offering compact-size comfort and 300 encompassing more dynamic layout options. Pieces from both series can be combined for even more custom applications, and many of the Cube pieces offer optional USB and electrical outlets for easy charging. All Cube pieces are available in two different base finish options and in a huge variety of different upholstery selections, ensuring the most custom look for your space. With so many great combinations to choose from, we would be delighted to help you figure out the most suitable Cube configuration for your environment.


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