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Knoll’s expert furniture designers have figured out how to make our workplaces better in almost every way. By constantly providing helpful solutions to spacial dilemmas, Knoll have elevated functionality in the office to the highest degree and have helped to better integrate us with our office furniture. As the need for efficient storage furniture is a constant workplace dilemma, Knoll have introduced Anchor, designed by Marc Krusin and David Noel. Anchor is a collection of preconfigured storage solutions that cater to the individual’s organizational needs. Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, Anchor is series of open, enclosed, or blended open/closed storage furniture that balances both accessible and secured drawers and compartments so that all items are organized and easy to get to. Multiple storage pieces are featured in the Anchor Collection, including credenzas, pedestals, stacking storage towers and lockers, and all pieces synthesize with Knoll’s established Dividends and Antenna Workspaces. All Anchor units are preassembled and can easily scale between small and large work environments, and as with all Knoll pieces, materials of the highest quality are utilized for the best product imaginable. Anchor pieces are available in many different sizes, finishes, and configurations, all built to ensure the most suitable integration with your current office. We would be honored to help determine the best set up for your specific storage needs.


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