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Calibrate Your Office with AIS

Casegoods that are both good looking and affordable hasn’t been an easy thing to find- until now. AIS’ wonderful Calibrate line is here to help furnish all kinds of office environments, including open plan, private offices, and conference areas alike. Offering a refreshing, clean-lined modern aesthetic, Calibrate has the potential to transform the work setting into a more elegant and refined business zone. Calibrate’s usage of balanced, linear design allows for the maximum amount of a room to be utilized, resulting in a spacious, open-feeling and productive locations that do not feel cramped due to an abundance of freeing negative space. Expanding the large range of existing options within this huge collection are Calibrate Extend, which brings lower, more grounded sensibilities suitable for longer, horizontal office spaces, and Calibrate Up, whose elevated feet and height adjustable surfaces allow for better integration within smaller rooms and tighter spaces. Similar to other AIS systems, Calibrate synthesizes with other AIS products such as their popular Matrix and Oxygen benching systems, allowing the user to pick and choose additional storage and seating options for the most optimal and custom integration of preferred furniture products. Few modern office collections have existed with a greater range of custom finishes, surface styles, dimensions, or hardware choices than Calibrate- we look forward to helping you determine the perfect set up and components that will result in the best office environment for your business.


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