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OFS' Staks Gets Even Better

Though already an established collection of superbly designed office furnishings, OFS’ Staks Collection has received some great new upgrades that further enhance it’s excellence. Staks has already proven to be a versatile suite of modern furnishings that support the way people work, containing light, clean design lines that help the work environment feel unforced and inviting. Stak’s utilization of soft-feeling casegoods in balanced harmony with the negative space around them have allowed the collection to be quite suitable for all kinds of working spaces- large scaled open-plan offices, small private offices, even home offices all are unified by the way Staks’ pieces welcome and comfort through unique shapes and patterns. The wide array of Stak’s wood, laminate, metals and other textures allow for lots of customization, ensuring the perfect look for the space it furnishes. Now with even more details that enhance, Staks has grown to include the option for rounded-edge table tops and round wooden legs, both of which allow the natural ambiance of the collection to grow into new levels of comfort. With consistent improvements like these occurring to evolve the collection, Staks will certainly continue to grow into higher levels of design excellence. What can Staks do to transform your workspace? We’d love to help you discover the possibilities.


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