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FilzFelt Design

The design experts at Knoll have produced innovative, state-of-the-art furniture solutions for many decades now, and they’ve done it again with their new FilzFelt products. FilzFelt is an unbelievably versatile new system of German-milled wool that can provide a wide array of functional design to just about any interior space. From hanging panels that create partitions, to acoustic, sound-dampening beauty, FilzFelt’s flexibility as a creative and effective solution to many spacial dilemmas is profoundly excellent. Modular screening systems that utilize FilzFelt’s wide array of textures can serve as exciting space separation tools, and 63 choices of saturated color patterns invite many possibilities to create inspired, eye-catching environments. Available as floor coverings too, FilzFelt’s dynamic ability to serve as durable, unique solutions to flooring further enhances the product’s extreme versatility and uniqueness. Far more possibilities exist for design excellence with FilzFelt, as wall systems and custom applications are offered within its hugely capable potential to transform and enhance interiors. What will Knoll do next? With each release, their legacy becomes richer and more complete as one of the greatest furniture and design institutions on the planet. We are extremely proud of our exclusive ability to help furnish your environment with Knoll products.


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