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HON 10500 Collection

A mainstay for the HON Office Furniture Company for many years, the 10500 Collection is premium quality at a moderate budget. 10500 excels time after time as one of the most capable furniture collections for any work style or office arrangement ever. A workhorse of the workplace, the huge array of component, style, material, and finish options that comprise the 10500 collection are varied so much that furnishing any interior space is possible. Built to adapt to shifting needs and priorities, the 10500 is also designed to last a lifetime, with best-in-class construction and wear-resistant laminate. The wide array of layout options maximize utility without compromising design, and the great use of footprint allows for more to be done with less furniture. Adding to the already long list of positive features, the wide range of sizes and numerous additional options are what have made the 10500 Collection from HON so great for so long.


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