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KFI Products Revealed

KFI are about to release many new great seating and table solutions within the near future and they’ve just revealed what some of those projects are. Known for their innovative products that are mostly manufactured in Kentucky, KFI’s sneak preview of new furniture comes in the form of five new offerings. Element and Metro are both industrial-styled seating, Element as a clean seating chair or high chair, simple and refined to fit great with any other furniture. Metro is a modern approach to a stool and available in three heights, again somewhat simple yet classic and effective with classic design lines that satisfy many environments. Two new table styles have been shown- Midtown and Workwell. Midtown continues with the industrial-feeling high communal table, featuring great looking wooden tops that invite collaboration, and Workwell is a round task table that includes built-in power options, providing an organized feel that eliminates the need for messy cables. Finally, Sway is a new seating collection that appears to be constructed of molded plastic that is stackable and versatile enough to mesh well with their existing tables and other table solutions too. With these exciting reveals from KFI, excitement builds, and the hype behind them will be excellent to experience in our offices soon.


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