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Lyss from Allseating

Winner Interior Design Magazine’s 2017 Good Design Award, Lyss is a great multi-purposeful seating solution from Allseating that combines comfort and sophisticated design. Allowing the user to explore the large seating area to find the perfect spot for them, the large shell back design allows a range of seating postures without compromising ergonomics or function. A great mix of flexibility and rigidity, Lyss allows a wonderful balance of negative space and material, with an empty space band that travels the back of the chair and inspires a lightness and relaxation. Different base styles are available, including beautiful oak trapezoidal legs or industrially-minded aluminum legs. Designed to smoothly integrate with other furniture, Lyss’ own personality and character bring aesthetic beauty to a room, be it an office, lounge, or home environment. Many different upholstery and material options allow Lyss’ customization, and the adaptability of the different textures and height options further promote Lyss as a great addition to your space. All in all, a wonderful chair, well deserving of its design award.


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