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National's WaveWorks

For many years, National Office Furniture have enhanced interiors of all kinds with their crowd-pleasing WaveWorks line. Well equipped and versatile, WaveWorks satisfies the needs of various interior spaces. Just as great today as it has always been, WaveWorks includes conference, training, and flipping/nesting tables of many different shapes and sizes. Well suited for educational environments and conferencing areas, WaveWorks and its giant variety of material and finish options is flexible enough to fit perfectly in dining spaces and healthcare locations too. Quite adaptable, WaveWorks furniture pairs wonderfully with just about any seating preference. A wide variety of tabletop heights and leg preferences are available to further accommodate the needs of any specific room’s purpose. Having been available for years, WaveWorks is a mainstay, and capable of growing along with our interior furnishing needs well into the future.


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