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Rockwell Unscripted Tall Tables

The superior design experts at Knoll have revealed new components to their successful Rockwell Unscripted line, this time in the form of above average height tables. Rockwell’s Tall tables are perfectly designed at the height that people like to linger, which feeds into some of the design principals behind the line itself- create spaces where people feel comfortable and they will interact in more meaningful ways and produce meaningful collaborative work. These tall tables serve as ‘transitional elements’, great places to work but also to socialize and build connections. Rockwell’s Tall Tables are available with different options- two different top styles, optional coat racks and power/USB capabilities, and several different woodgrain and laminate choices. The success of this great collection is found in blurring the work/play boundary through innovative designs, and these tall tables act as waypoints for collaborative interaction without the formality of a conference room or closed office. Always ahead of the game, Knoll have proven once more that their furniture invites great ideas to our workplaces.


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