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Indie Lounge Furniture from JSI

Drawing inspiration from home environments, the Indie Collection from JSI is a comfortable, inviting collection of lounge seating solutions that provide the look and feel of residential environments. Feeling at home in a place of business can be greatly assisted by comfortable, roomy furniture, and this is exactly what Indie offers. Relaxing, plush, and modern, the various seating options contained in the collection provide excellent excuses to sit down with a coworker or client and enjoy the moment. With classic pieces such as lounge chairs and benches, as well as more contemporary-styled pieces such as poufs and low lounge chairs, Indie Collection pieces are so varied that they can outfit an entire office. Screen accessories, tables, and wall-hanging tiles and accessories all come together to offer the potential to transform an office into a light, welcoming environment. Many different upholstery options further enhance the collection, including beautiful leather and felt choices in a wide variety of colors. Another fantastic, functional collection from JSI.


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