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izzy+ Releases Forum Naturals

Furniture innovators izzy+ have just released a couple of products that bring the natural beauty of solid wood to our modern interior environments. Celebrating the unique lines, grains, and imperfections of solid wood, izzy+’s Dale is a stand alone table that doubles as a visual conversation piece, breaking up the rigid design lines of the furniture that surrounds it through its organic essence. Providing USB charging power with two ports, Dale is available in both ash and walnut wood. Next is the Forum Naturals Tables, which are made from solid slabs of ash and walnut cut into thick tabletops. Again featuring the cracks and natural features of the trees they were planed from, Forum Naturals are available in several sizes and shapes with a few base options. The natural and unrefined beauty of these Forum Naturals tables serve as excellent centerpieces for any lobby, lounge, or private office. With izzy+ trying something new for spring 2018, we can likely expect more great new products to be unveiled as the year progresses.


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