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Elani Wins 2017 Interior Design Award

OFS Brands’ Carolina Furniture line have brought us many wonderful furnishings over the years, and one of their latest offerings is the Elani Collection. Recently announced as a winner of Interior Design Magazine’s Best of 2017 Award, Elani was designed by Beck and Beck Associates. The crisp design lines and uniquely rounded ash legs helped to earn its design award, and the privacy-oriented high back, which cradles the user’s shoulders and blocks out noise, further add to Elani’s excellence. Allowing separation from a loud and busy room without isolating the user, Elani’s retro yet futuristic design is as functional as it is visually exciting. Available in many different sizes, profiles, and upholsteries, Elani might be the wonderful seating addition your lounge area has been waiting for. Congratulations to Carolina Furniture for their prestigious award on this great seating collection, and hopefully 2018 will produce many more award-winning designs.


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