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Height-Adjustable Reff Profiles

Furniture masters Knoll have released height-adjustable surfaces as an addition to their excellent Reff Profiles interior systems. Already established as the pinnacle of quality and design within the office, Knoll’s Reff Profiles use of superior wood materials and elite craftsmanship speaks for itself as some of the finest office furniture available. Now, Reff is available with height adjustable desktops and peninsulas, further modernizing the collection to an even more contemporary feel while maintaining the collection’s classic form. As our work environments evolve toward maintaining ergonomic postures, having the option to stand at desking systems is hugely beneficial. With Reff height-adjustable surfaces, no stylistic compromise has to be made when selecting the perfect furniture for your workplace- all the hard lines and architectural accents present in Knoll’s wood casegoods have been paired with the utility of hidden height-adjustable mechanisms-truly the best of both worlds.


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