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izzy+'s Peyton

Brand new from the great designers at izzy+ is Peyton, a thoughtful new chair with a variety of applications. Designed with the goal of achieving simultaneous physical and mental comfort through furniture, Peyton aims to maximize comfort zones wherever they exist in your routine. izzy+ describes Peyton "like a favorite pair of jeans." The relaxed posture and reliability allows the user to focus on what is truly important- creating great work through collaboration and utilizing the peace of mind that follows from sitting in comfortable furniture. Peyton features five different leg styles, including two designs with rocking sled legs- an obvious choice for those of us who want to move around even when sitting. Elegant and extremely functional, Peyton’s upholstery options are as equally vast as the environments that Peyton can enhance- collaborative spaces, quiet places such as libraries and private offices, classrooms/ other educational spaces, and in the home. With izzy+ debuting Peyton so early in this new year, it will be great to see what other fantastic designs will follow as 2018 unfolds.


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