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Group Lacasse's Barolo Collection

The always excellent Group Lacasse have recently unveiled a new product released under their Arold line, a modular lounge seating solution titled Barolo. Barolo is a comfortable, robust chair that adds modern design sensibilities to your environment’s waiting area. Featuring a semi-firm foam seat and back, Barolo’s contoured cushioning provides elegance without sacrificing comfort. The teacup-esque silhouette is rich with character, and the sophistication achieved through the placement of many Barolo chairs in a lounge or waiting area communicates refined taste and a preference for modernism. Barolo is available in dozens of upholstery options, even in combined textures, and is ready to liven up the room right out of the box. Integrated lumbar support further strengthens Barolo as a great choice for your business’ lounge or waiting area. Another splendid modern release from both Arold and Group Lacasse.


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