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Corby Collection

Starting off the new year with mid-century modern inspired designs, Global Furniture Group have released their Corby Collection designed by Christopher Wright. The desks, tables, and storage options featured in this collection provide a specialized look for those who seek a unique and vintage inspired alternative to typical modern office furnishings. Knife edged table tops paired with tapered legs allow an expressive, classic departure from the often ubiquitous 90 degree leg to top positioning, communicating a deliberate draw from aesthetics of the past and resulting in a timeless feel. This hybridized collection is available in twenty different finishes with solid walnut, cherry, oak and maple solid wood tops, all of which feature hidden power and tech options that marry classic looks with modern practicalities. Freestanding desks and credenzas can connect with peninsula storage options, evident of the vast arrangement capabilities within the Corby Collection. With Corby, Global have sourced strong past inspired designs and brought them into the future- evident of bravery, admiration, and innovation.


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