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SitOnIt Introduces Wit

SitOnIt continue their long established reputation for quality, ergonomic seating solutions with their newest collection, entitled Wit. Wit encourages us to ‘work smarter’ through the use of their award winning, intelligently designed chairs, available in side chairs, stools, and task chairs. Informed by the changing way that we work, Wit chairs intend to facilitate a constant moving around the office, and with the built in easy grip handle, mobility has never been easier. With adjustable lumbar support and an intuitive swivel-tilt mechanism, Wit chairs satisfy the many dynamic needs of a typical work environment. Achieving the need to be mobile, comfortable, and adaptable, the Wit series makes it easier than ever to “find a seat, settle in, and get right to work.” With matching side chairs and stools, visually uniform seating is easily achieved in your workplace by Wit’s durable and lightweight design. Available in literally thousands of breathable fabric and color options, including mesh, Thintex, and plastic, Wit can enhance and transform your workplace with vibrant, ergonomic utility. Another fantastic and versatile collection from SitOnIt, and one that hints at

many more great collections coming in the new year.


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