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Bakhita Collection Expands

Brand new from the reputable Global Furniture Group are the Bakhita stacking stools and accompanying tables. Helping to grow the existing Bakhita series, these innovative molded chairs are equally as light, comfortable, and lasting as the rest of the collection, yet their new stool height invites many possibilities for their use in different environments. Perfect for both indoors and out, Bakhita pieces complement almost any place as result of their elegant, refined shape and sophisticated polymer construction. Bahkita is available in a variety of neutral colors and the with option of arms, and their sturdy, stackable construction guarantees graceful aging and a long life of usefulness. Paired with the round or square Bakhita weather resistant tables, the stools tuck in cleanly underneath to provide a quickly organized look. A great addition to an already excellent collection, the thoughtful and durable Bakhita stools and tables can provide a welcoming, lively feel to offices, educational environments, and outdoor meeting places too.

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