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OH! from Versteel

Versteel have just released their newest modular seating collection, OH! Excellent as always, Versteel’s reputation grows further with OH, adding to their vast catalog of great products that have helped us work for many years. Inspired by simple shapes, OH approaches the concept of modular seating with clean, fun styles that invite us to come together and build ideas. Part of the greatness of OH is its designed purpose to provide generous personal space without sacrificing the ability to collaborate in close proximity. OH’s basic configurations invite people to sit however they feel comfortable, and this is achieved by the ability to approach the seating from any direction- OH is perfect for open lounge environments found in lobbies, educational settings, break areas, and other informal meeting spaces. Available in many different upholstered options, the clean and hygienic use of empty space allows OH to maintain a friendly, inviting flexibility. Hidden underneath, the power and data options further help OH to be stylish, fun, and functional in your workplace. With OH, “Bring comfort and class, with function and fun, to any occasion.”


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