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Group Lacasse Introduces Stad

Brand new from the well established Group Lacasse is Stad- a well thought out and highly functional commercial furniture solution. With it's shared office surfaces and an overall open workspace approach, Stad facilitates communication and teamwork through integrated collaborative meeting areas. Many different configurations allow for great adaptability, and various raw materials present throughout the collection such as wood, metal, textile and laminate all converge for a textured, vibrant style. Cushiony poufs and fabric screens help Stad to become even more capable, offering the possibility of privacy for times that require concentration without sacrificing coziness. The seemingly endless combinations of the many pieces within the Stad Colleciton allow a welcoming, home-like vibe to the office, and Stad's highly useable configurations invite movement and walking around the office. Another great collection from Lacasse, and a strengthening of their status as a permanent name in office furnishings.


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