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Rowen by OFS Brands

The wonderful and diverse OFS Brands have just unveiled an elegant suite of lounge furniture- Rowen. Designed by Brian Graham, Rowen succeeds in translating openness and lightness into a furniture experience. Rowan is adaptable enough in form to enhance the lobby of your office or the spaces within the home, and it's visual properties achieve spacial harmony by balancing square silhouettes with thin, light legs. The conversation between these two forms establishes a welcoming, comfortable environment intended to calm and rejuvenate guests. As with all other OFS products, the Rowen collection is available in a variety of pieces and sizes, and all are customizable with many different material and upholstery options including some beautiful leather grains and leg finishes. With timeless collections like Rowan, OFS Brands demonstrate their expert ability to provide great furniture time after time.


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