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National Introduces Maneuver

National Office Furniture continue their long-standing reputation for producing innovative furniture solutions with Maneuver. The Maneuver collaborative collection is a series of table desks that are offered in over 20 shapes- all of these different shaped pieces can be easily arranged and rearranged to form the perfect organic shape suited for the project or environment being worked on. The ease of mixing and matching different Maneuver surfaces encourages productivity and collaboration, and the many non-traditional shapes in the collection better engage creative minds with thought provoking arrangement possibilities. There are a few pieces within Maneuver that serve to function for presenting and speaking to the room, which further strengthens Maneuver as a perfect solution for classrooms and educational environments. Hidden cable storage and power/USB outlets provide better functionality, and each shape can be customized with many different color and finish options. All in all, the Maneuver collection is an innovative and wonderfully designed solution to gathering and learning together, maximizing individual comfort and encouraging collaboration.


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