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Arold from Group Lacasse

Commercial furnishing giant Group Lacasse introduces Arold, a new brand featured within their catalog of excellent furniture lines. Arold is an exciting and capable new suite of soft, modular furniture that is as forward thinking as it is stylish. About 20 differently styled collections are together within Arold, and each comes with a unique aesthetic suitable for a variety of enviroments. Never before have Lacasse showcased such a diverse array of modular seating! Cozy, clean and modern, functional and funky- big spaces, little spaces, shared office zones, commercial lobbies, healthcare and educational settings- Arold caters to all design needs and settings alike. And as is true with all Lacasse products, a huge variety of material and color options are present within each Arold collection piece, ensuring the custom furniture experience for all tastes and preferences. Featuring superior possibilities for design perfection, Arold is sure to impress time and time again.


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