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Rockwell Unscripted by Knoll

When a person is working in an inviting, comfortable office, their work reflects the inspired, personable traits of the environment and they feel more creative, productive, and better connected to their coworkers. Creating spaces that allow a person to do better work makes everyone benefit, and furniture experts Knoll have used this concept to innovate many fantastic office systems through the years. Most recently revealed is Rockwell Unscripted- the be all, end all furniture solution for the ultimate shared office space. The ubiquity of the private office is fading, as cubicles are losing out in favor of large, open plan shared-spaces that people are free to inspire and collaborate with each other throughout the day. With Rockwell Unscripted, the traditional ‘office’ has been transformed into a fun, classy, technology rich modern workplace- Knoll have used their rich history and experience to have figured out how to make the office environment appealing to be in.


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