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izzy+ Introduces Eli

Brand new for Summer 2017 is Eli, a new line of adjustable height tables from furniture innovators izzy+. Adjustable height work surfaces have made a huge emergence within the past decade, as our working habits have evolved to better synch with the health conscious choices we make. Furniture whose vertical height can be adjusted effortlessly answers not only the need to stretch our bodies throughout the day, but also provides a versatile adaptability for the varying tasks presented by an average work day. Sitting, standing, or collaborating, Eli demonstrates a capable flexibility for working adults but also for children too, as izzy+ indicates that “students of all ages need tools that can keep up with their active imaginations and bodies.” Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, Eli can be customized for many different environments, be they business, creative, or educational spaces. The freedom to transform ergonomically is ours, thanks to this great line from izzy+.


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