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Nevers Conference Tables

For over 40 years, Nevers have been producing superior furniture solutions for all kinds of office environments. From your local business’ conference room, all the way to the private meeting spaces within the Pentagon, Nevers have crafted dozens of different conference tables and many other high quality casegoods that refine workplaces with unparalleled craftsmanship. Offering a wide array of products, their insistence on quality materials remains consistent- from traditional triple-based woodgrain tables, to modern metal and glass-oriented height adjustable tables, Nevers’ products span the full spectrum of solutions for every kind of discussion space. Uncommon table materials such as stone and polished chrome are made common by the diverse styles offered through the expansive catalog of Nevers tables, and many customizable shapes and modular orientations are available to satisfy the needs of all kinds of workspaces. All of Nevers’ tables are equipped to offer hidden power and connective outlets with concealed wire management, and the ability to select from numerous leg and base styles is abundant. Nevers commitment to quality is authenticated by their almost half century of production, and their evident ability to adapt to the modern workplace ensures they’ll be around to ensure more great products in the future.


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