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Versteel Introduces Platform

Constantly expanding the possibilities of what furniture can offer, Versteel have recently unveiled their new series of tables by introducing Platform. Though the components that constitute a table haven’t changed too much over the years, Versteel breathes new life into the concept by offering a huge range of possibilities for their Platform line. Built into Platform’s selection process are three customer selected choices- top shape/size, number/shape of columns, and base style. Within these choices are seemingly infinite possibilities of creating completely unique furniture to satisfy the needs of your office, breakroom, training room, dining area, classroom, hospital, etc., all decided by you. With high quality, unsurpassed materials, and power and data options to each unit, Platform is a fantastic option that suits a wide variety of needs and does so with great style. Square, round, or oval tops? One two or three legs? Hidden power capabilities? Dozens of finish a material options further expand the decision making process to ensure the perfect completed look for your environment. With Platform, Versteel have exceeded their already great customer guided design process, and it will be exciting to see how they adapt this highly customized approach to future products throughout the year.


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