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Anchor Storage from Knoll

Adequate storage is crucial in the modern office. Productivity and healthy business growth often comes along with the need to keep more records, catalogs, and many other items that require a place to store these items. Enter Anchor, a preconfigured collection of storage furniture that assists in maintaining an individual’s storage needs in a clean, efficient manner. Central to the idea that uniform storage capability doesn’t accommodate the needs of every person, Anchor offers a wide array of credenzas, pedestals, stacking work surface compartments, storage towers, and lockers, all of which are designed to visually harmonize within an office space and suit the individual needs of the end user. Anchor also combines wonderfully with other Knoll collections, such as the successful Dividends and Antenna workspace suites, all to better unify the shared or private office with thoughtful, sustainable design. Many different Anchor styles and finishes are available, including both open and enclosed storage and drawer options, and beautiful wood grains and core laminates, all to better satisfy and enhance the existing style within your office. Allow Anchor to harmonize within your office and you will be gifted the ability to better focus on tasks front of you, rather than what has already happened and needs to be stored away.


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