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Think Smart Educational Furniture

Group Lacasse have provided near unrivaled furniture solutions for educational environments for many decades, each collection more refined and purposeful than before. Now, new for 2017, Lacasse have revealed their Think Smart Educational Furniture. Unquestionably their best educational furnishing to date, this extremely modular, ergonomic collection features dozens of pieces that are all designed to fit together seamlessly, as well as with other Lacasse casegoods, to provide the best possible experience while retaining a composed, uniform look throughout. Many straight lines and fluid angles are spotlighted to create the most optimal educational environment, focusing on the researched awareness that student success rates are directly correlated to environments and furniture that are directly adapted to their needs. Paired with an extensive array of finish and material options, Think Smart pieces will completely enhance classrooms, media centers, lobbies, administrative spaces, health centers, private offices, and dozens of other educational spaces abilities to promote what is most important- facilitate learning and provide spaces that encourage collaborative growth and success. Group Lacasse have truly outdone themselves again, and the excellence within the Think Smart collection will continue for many years to come.


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