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JSI Introduces Apogee

New from Jasper Group Brand is Apogee, a new private office furniture suite that impresses with versatility and smooth, refined looks that radiate modern aesthetics. Apogee is available in two workwall types- Architectural, which features shelved walls and sliding glass doors that maximize storage and the ability to display items, and Casegood, which includes a more traditional fabric tackboard and lots of overhead storage. Both styles of Apogee are available in wall mounted hutch styles, and a rich assortment of veneers further enhance the collection’s ability to visually impress while also satisfying hidden storage and efficient charging, cable, and data management. Whether seeking a stand alone desk or a connected worksurface, Apogee is a wonderful collection that is available in popular and progressive layouts. The vast material and finish options ensure the perfect fit in your private office and embodies sustainable design that will age gracefully for many years to come.


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