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The Maker Project and Studio Steel

Long time furniture giants Versteel have revealed one of their newest divisions, the Maker Project. This back-to-basics line simplifies the aesthetic of tables and worksurfaces, and rewind to a time where utility and function exist as a unified form. Their Studio Steel process is a part of this Makers Project, and the most obvious quality of the process is the intentional highlighting of raw welding lines and the visual associations made by combining exposed metal and woodgrain. This juxtaposition enhances on the strength and beauty of steel and wood, and through this pairing, an ‘urban industrial aesthetic’ is achieved. Part modern, part throwback, and designed for maximum usability, the Makers Project is available in work, counter, and stand up heights; and in side tables, benches, and whiteboards. All products can be specified with heavy duty casters, whose strong, industrial looks further celebrate the inherent qualities of fabrication and manufacturing. Another strong and thoughtful category from Versteel, and one that will certainly transform many workspaces into better looking, more productive areas.


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