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Paces By Versteel

Versteel have unveiled their Paces Collection for 2017. A far cry from many of their previous offerings, Paces is immediately recognizable for its exciting silver legs, which find stability and weight distribution in a side by side arrangement. This leg position catches the eye because of its provocative, out of the ordinary design, and the figure 8 shape of the legs create an aesthetically pleasing organic shape quite different from other tables. Private office single surfaces, conference rooms, or dozens of linked surfaces in classrooms- this collection is extremely well suited and versatile for all kinds of environments. Paces is available in dozens of different finishes and materials, and there are several different leg styles that all impress with their exciting diagonal legs. Even more sophisticated, Paces can be specified with power and data capabilities, as well as convenient, flip-top nesting options. With such forward thinking, modern design, it will be interesting to see more products from Versteel will in the future.


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