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Kimball Office Introduces Pairings

Brand new from Kimball Office is Pairings, a versatile lounge based collection that satisfies the many challenges of todays evolving work styles. This cozy yet sophisticated line of furniture is the result of a collaboration between Kimball and design house pL-D that aims to move forward with the idea to ‘pair’ different notions about space and office planning in order to achieve something versatile and new. Pairings is capable of transforming an open space into a ‘third space,’ suitable for both working and meeting with varying degrees of privacy. In creating furniture suitable for today’s work-play-gather environment, Pairings accommodates both formal and informal settings. Power access, acoustical division, and comfort are featured in this collection, all with flexibility in mind- as Pairings is great for corporate, hospitality, and educational environments alike. With almost a dozen suggested orientations to get started with, and an impressive array of custom options too, Pairings can help inspire the best possible layout for your environment.


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