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Generation By Knoll

Time after time, Knoll have delivered the finest seating imaginable for todays modern workspaces, and Generation is one of the better-known and best selling examples of the company’s near unrivaled expertise in the seating forum. The Generation chair was first introduced in 2009 by Formway Design, and since then has been so successful in offices worldwide due to its elegant looks in combination with high degrees of ergonomic function. Instead of the solely front-facing direction common in other chairs, Generation succeeds by allowing the user to sit in positions most natural to them. By cradling the back with its high performance elastomeric Flex Back Net, lumbar support is provided while also carrying support to the arms. Other sophisticated functions allow for balanced, smooth reclining, swivel, and easy multidimensional movement. There are so many different material and color combinations available to customize the chair to any environment, be it commercial, educational, or domestic- it looks and feels good everywhere. Of the hundreds of seating options for todays office, Generation is of the greatest chairs ever made- a synthesis of design and function at the highest level.


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