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Kimball Office Presents Pairings

Brand new from Kimball Office is the Pairings, a sleek yet inviting lounge based collection that inspires collaborative activity without sacrificing comfort. Modern offices must meet the demands of the often spontaneous need to get work done with a team, and this often happens in places that are the most cozy, as great ideas often come from a relaxing environment. Pairings offers several sofa-oriented spaces that can be combined with other units of Pairings furniture to create both formal and informal settings, for open and closed rooms, in effort to inspire what Pairings designers Pam Light and John Duffy determine as ‘third spaces’. These are areas apart from the traditional office or break room settings, where quality collaborative work can occur without sacrificing privacy, and this is facilitated by the many different components the Pairings collection offers. There are over a half dozen Pairings templates to select from, all with many color and finish options, or you can pick and choose individual Pairings pieces and combine them to create a unique and custom environment. Pairings is another strong offering from Kimball Office, and versatile enough to adapt to your changing office and remain inspirational well into the future.


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