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Carreta- Color, Shape, and Function

Lounge furniture says a lot about a business, and there are few better ways to declare an innovative, forward-thinking business approach than to have equally unique and modern lounge furniture. A lobby or lounge is often the first visual impression that someone has to your office, so making a statement in this area is crucial. Enter the Carreta Lounge, from Indiana Furniture. Carreta’s highly functional design offers many different solutions to meeting spaces, and the flexibility associated with its modular design allows for easy reconfiguration. Each bench is offered with or without backrests, and the way the seats are arranged is only limited by the creativity of the designer. Both independent models and modular benches can be combined to make a wonderful statement in your office, and many different shapes and colors are available to further create a custom look. The use of side tables for portable electronics makes Carreta a functional option for meeting spaces and suitable for educational environments, clinical applications, and everything in between.


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