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Maximize Space with Calibre

For the past few decades, today’s modern offices have made great efforts in transitioning to paperless environments. Though this is an accountable and responsible strategy for the overall well-being of our environment, the inevitable requirement for adequate storage in contemporary offices demands sensible, efficient systems of order- Knoll’s Calibre is the most logical solution. Both attractive and durable, the Calibre collection offers lateral files, mobile pedestals, bookcases, hybrid cabinets, and architectural towers, and each product is available in many different dimensions so that every workspace can receive the perfect storage solution it needs. Staying true to the flexible and efficient notion that ‘everything is in its place,’ horizontal and vertical filing possibilities, with clothing racks and other personal item storage, and many drawer heights and depths, all make your storage needs more possible than ever. Each Caliber product offers customizable options to make your storage personal, and offered modular accessories allow the potential for future growth and combination with other Calibre pieces. Available in so many different colors and styles, Calibre exemplifies Knoll’s dedication to user-centered design that can adapt to your changing storage needs and continue to serve your office for many years to come.

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